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Welcome to Chat Teddy!

All information that you need is included in the Chat Teddy APP, but if you want a comprehensive description, this page will help you go through all the stages of use and also some troubleshooting steps if necessary.

For safety, check the manual included in the package. This product is not recommended for children with ages 0-3. Should be used under parental supervision.

Please contact us if you have questions about the product. You can reach us at Also visit for more information.

The Chat Teddy App is available on the App Store for iOS devices or Google Play for Android devices.

1. Send a message from your phone to Chat Teddy.

If you want to send a message from your phone to Chat Teddy, press the record button in the app. The button is located in the lower right corner and looks like a microphone. A “swoosh” sound is played when the message is sent.

2. Listen to a message that you received on your Chat Teddy.

When Chat Teddy receives a new message, will the red heart on his chest begin to flash, which indicates a new message. To listen to your messages, press the “play” button on the Chat Teddy, located in teddy’s right hand (paw).

3. Send a message from your Chat Teddy to the phone that it is paired to.
4. Listen to a message on your phone that you have received from Chat Teddy.
5. Select and send content to your phone to forward it to your Chat Teddy.
6. Check message history.

     7. Connect your phone with a new Chat Teddy (installation)

7.1 Normal installation.
7.2 Via WPS (if your WiFi have an access point, Wireless Privacy Security WPS)
8.Turn on / off your Chat Teddy

För att sätta på eller stänga av strömmen, öppna zip-låset på baksidan av Chat Teddyn. Inuti finns en strömbrytare, för att slå på strömmen tryck omkopplaren på “1”, och för att stänga av tryck omkopplaren till “0”.

9. Change the battery on your Chat Teddy
10. Troubleshooting
  • WiFi icon at the top of the screen in the app glows blue when the Chat teddy connected to WiFi. If it is not, check your connection to the access point. The toy can also be turned off, in which case you can check the power switch and the batteries of the power switch inside the toy.
  • If the toy does not blink once when the power is turned on, the batteries need to be replaced.
  • Chat About Teddy can not connect with WPS, it will go back to blinking as it is in the configuration mode. You can try using WPS again by holding the button until the heart lit up again.

Briefly, Chat Teddy has security solutions for parents to be able to use the system:

Chat Teddy is a closed system so no one can send something or receive something that no parent has authorized.

Communication between parents and children can not be intercepted.

Triple Encrypted communication is built into that encrypts content at just the right receiver can listen to it as well as validation that only authorized transmitter can send to the right recipients.

The wireless communication that goes over WiFi is in addition to user encryption is also encrypted with 128 bit WPA.

The security solution based on a valid patent that the company behind Chat Teddy owns US patent number # US20150006892 A1.

User data is not stored in the US and not sold to third parties.

No advertising appearing in Chat Teddy, either overtly or covertly.

This digital content, lullabies, songs and bedtime stories that will be offered to users is financed and owned or licensed by the company behind the Chat Teddy.